SMM China Steel Port Shipments by Domestic Trade and Port Exports and Arrivals Oct 8-14


SMM statistics showed China’s port steel shipments through domestic trade totaled 6.34 million tonnes in the week of Oct. 8-14, up 1% week-on-week. ‘other. Among them, the combined shipments in six major northern ports (Jingtang Port, Caofeidian Port, Bayuquan Port, Tianjin Xingang Port, Huanghua Port, Jinzhou Port) amounted to 2.92 million tons, or 46% of total shipments. Combined shipments to the three major ports in eastern China (Shanghai Port, Zhangjiagang Port and Lanbei Port) amounted to 457,200 tons, or 7% of total shipments. Combined shipments through two major ports in southern China (Zhanjianggang Port and Fangchenggang Port) were 491,000 tons, accounting for 8% of total shipments.

Steel arrivals at Chinese ports in domestic trade were 5.36 million tons last week, down 344,100 tons on a weekly basis. Among them, arrivals at the 13 major ports in eastern China amounted to 2.72 million tons, accounting for 51 percent of total arrivals. Arrivals at the port of Guangzhou in southern China reached 410,000 tons, or 8% of total arrivals.

Steel shipments through ports outside China totaled 1.54 million tonnes last week, down 9% from a week ago. Shipments through Chinese ports for exports were 1.98 million tons, an increase of 38% on a weekly basis
Source: SMM Information & Technology


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